How to mirror Android SMS alerts on an iOS device

So here I am, an Android phone in one hand and an iPad in the other. My trusty Nexus 5X is by my side most of the day, but occasionally I set it aside for a midday charge, leaving me with nothing but my iPad to work with.

The only problem with that setup is when my 5X is elsewhere, my iPad has no way of warning me about incoming calls and texts on my Android device. If only there were a way for iOS to receive Android notifications….

Well, there is, actually, but it takes a bit of work. With the help of a clever app that lets you create your own “applets,” your iOS device can alert you about texts, calls, and a few other events on your absent Android handset. Here’s the trick.


First, you’re going to need a specific app on both your Android phone and your iOS device (or devices). The app is called IFTTT, short for “If This, Then That.”

If you’re not already familiar with IFTTT, here’s the gist: With a wide-ranging menu of “triggers” and actions, you can create mini apps—or “applets,” as IFTTT calls them—that perform tasks under a particular set of circumstances.

Meet the IFTTT app Ben Patterson

The IFTTT app lets you create your own “applets” that perform actions based on “triggers,” such as an incoming text message on your Android device.

For example, you could create an applet that unmutes your Android phone the moment you arrive home, another that sends you an email if there’s rain in the forecast, and yet another that tweets out any links you post to Facebook.

Creating an IFTTT applet is simple: You simply pick a trigger, or an “if this,” then pick a “then that” action.

Now, one of the available triggers for IFTTT is for an incoming Android SMS message, while one of the actions is for the IFTTT app to fire off a customizable Android or iOS notification.

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