Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Teaser Reveals A Return To Old Raids

As many had suspected, Bungie appears to be reintroducing older raids into the game with the Age of Triumph update coming later this month. Bungie has plans for a series of live streams to talk about the content ahead of release. To get Guardians excited, the developer today released a teaser trailer that shows off what players can expect. 

The video promises that Age of Triumph will feature the biggest record book yet, which suggests that there will be a large number of activities to try out within the game. But the names of some of those record book achievements, along with gameplay sequences shown off during the trailer, make it clear that the old raids are being refreshed and brought back into relevance in some way. 

The details of how those raids will work remain to be seen. We’re likely to learn more on Bungie’s upcoming live stream, scheduled for this Wednesday at 10am Pacific, and viewable on Bungie’s Twitch channel. The stream will feature lead designer Ryan Paradis and senior designer Joe Blackburn discussing the update, and specifically talking about changes to the sandbox, which likely means we’ll hear about weapon and class options. 

Bungie’s reveal of Age of Triumph comes on the heels of the developer revealing that Destiny 2 will allow players to carry over their characters, but not the gear and power those characters have collected. 


Our Take
I’m stoked to have some new activities and rewards to chase in Destiny, but I’m especially curious about whether Bungie has any brand-new content or storylines that will be a part of Age of Triumph. As for the old raids, it will be interesting to see how much, if at all, the team changes the older raids. In particular, the old loot from the earliest raids had game-changing primary weapons that included arc, solar, and void damage. I’d be surprised to see those return; if they don’t, what new rewards will be in their place?

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