New GTA 5 Mod Brings The Crysis Nanosuit Into The Game

Yet another excellent-looking Grand Theft Auto V mod has come to light.

As highlighted in the video below from GTA X Scripting (via Kotaku), a new script mod brings the nanosuit from the Crysis series into the open-world game. It changes things up dramatically, as you canjump super high, push cars around with your super strength, and run extra fast. Not only that, but this mod changes the UI pretty dramatically. Here’s the video:

The mod was created by JulioNIB. You can find out more about this mod and how to download it here at PC Gamer. As always, always be careful when downloading things from the internet.

In other news about GTA V mods, a group of people are modding Red Dead Redemption’s map into GTA V as part of a project called Red Dead Redemption V.

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