New Sims Sequel Coming Soon To Mobile

The latest installment of the sim-snooping series tasks you
with guiding multiple generations through virtual life.

Today EA and Maxis announced a new installment of its
vaunted Sims series, appropriately named The Sims Mobile. The iOS and Android title features
all the careers, activities, and home design fans have come to expect from the
series, with an added emphasis on guiding their sims through multiple
generations, similar to The Sims 4’s legacy challenge. Maxis says players’ sims
can interact with the virtual inhabitants of their real-life friends as well. The
launch trailer gives a good look at some of the choices and gameplay, as well as what players can expect from the visuals.

EA is launching The Sims Mobile today in Brazil, with a
worldwide launch “coming soon.” The title will be free to download.


Our Take
The trailer shows a
promising amount of features and customization, but as with all mobile titles,
we’ll have to wait and see how the game’s free-to-play monetization is
implemented before deciding if it’s worth playing. Also, why the heck is “misdiagnose” an option? What kind of doctor is that?!

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