Reader Discussion – What Game Would You Like To See Come To PC?

It’s not recent news, but Destiny marks the first time the series comes to PC, complete with Blizzard online integration. Destiny has long been a game many have wanted to have playable on their PC, especially considering how Bungie nails the visual design of the thing and how that could greatly benefit from the beauty of 60 frames per second. But there are still quite a few other titles that need to be on the system.

So what games would like to see come to PC? I’ll go with the obvious pick and go with Red Dead Redemption. I would absolutely love to see the game running on cutting-edge computer, and the modding community would undoubtedly get up to all kinds of untoward business in it. I’m hoping it happens soon so I can revisit it, especially as the sequel draws near.

So what game would like to see come to a computer near you? Hoping Sony signs a deal with someone to bring Bloodborne over? Holding out for a PC version of Bayonetta 2? Let us know in the comments.

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