The latest Humble Mobile Bundle features 9 great platformer games

The platformer game genre is one of the oldest in video game history, in part because it’s supposed to be easy to learn. Over the decades, platformers have kept that basic gameplay of moving characters through 2D levels and having them jump up or down, but many of them have added their own twists. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle deal for Android gamers offer a way to check out a number of modern platformers for just a little money.

This month’s deal’s allows players to pay whatever they want for three games: Devious Dungeon and its sequel Devious Dungeon 2 from Noodlecake Studios, along with Eggggg – The Platform Puker from developer Hyper Games. If you pay more than the average amount, which is $4.87 as of this writing, you can get three more games: Gunbrick from developer Nitrome, RunGunJumpGun from ThirtyThree, and RETSNOM from the team at SOMI.

If you can spare a few more cents, you can get three more games when you pay $5 or more for this bundle. They include Never Alone: Ki Edition from E-Line Media, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons from Starbreeze Studios, and LIMBO from PlayDead. The bundle will add even more games to this deal in about a week for everyone who pays more than the average amount.

If you want to get the Never Alone soundtrack, you can add it to the bundle for $5 more. You can also choose to donate part of your payment to charity, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play, or you can send a tip to the Humble Bundle folks themselves. This latest bundle will expire on June 5.

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